Best food in town!                             Best looking dealers!

Biggest TV's in town!                      Biggest tables in town!

Tournament Manager program on the big screen!

TJ's Charity Card Room
at Russo's Restaurant
6211 S Division
Grand Rapids, MI

TJ's Charity Poker
Biggest Tables!
Biggest TV Screens!
Biggest Pots!    

 TJ's Charity Poker Events

 TJ's is currently supporting
charity events in two locations:

Lincoln Country Club
Eastbrook AMF Lanes

This week:
Lincoln Country Club poker
begins on Thursday, October 23rd
Open till midnight, Thursday's game is
 a $20 Rebuy game with unlimited rebuys
 at $10 each until the end of the first break!

You can always call TJ's phone number to learn the latest
or check our FaceBook page:  TJ's Room

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